[greenstone-users] help with _help:textdefaulthelp_ etc macros

From Julian Fox
DateFri Apr 1 05:11:44 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] help with _help:textdefaulthelp_ etc macros
Could somebody offer me some quick advice on the following please - I'm
getting rusty through lack of practice! It's a while since I had to
adjust a macro page....

Where can I find the macro: _help:textdefaulthelp_(Format,Formats) and
other similar macros? The problem is that for some reason my 'about'
pages are showing these macros (under the 'How to find information in
'x' collection' part of the page) as the macro code itself rather than
reading as"Click on Format button" or whatever it should read.

It probably means I have eliminated those entries from one of the .dm
files but I don't know which one! I can't find them in any english.dm or
english2.dm files that I have looked at.

I'd appreciate some help in getting over this little self-inflicted hurdle!