[greenstone-devel] datestamp in OAI server

From Mariana Pichinini
DateTue Apr 15 09:51:52 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] datestamp in OAI server
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Hi, Michael, thanks you very much for answering. I started to think that
nobody would answer me!

Yes, I found the Lastmodified Metadata, and its role in the
specification of the Datestamp. We misunderstood the correct use of
dc.Date; your help was very useful to correct this, so we can build
appropiately our collections metadata.
Now we are trying repeatedly to validate our digital collection as a
data provider of Open Archives, and the validation process still throws
three errors; their output is pasted below:

Request: GET

[WARN] Malformed response: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 7,
column 31, byte 368

[FAIL] Can't parse malformed response. An XML parsing error may be due
to incorrectly including the invalid identifier in the <request>
element of your XML error response; only valid arguments should be
included. A response that includes <request
verb="GetRecord" identifier="invalid"id"
metadataPrefix="oai_dc">..baseURL..</request> is not
well-formed XML because of the quotation mark (") in the identifier.

Request: GET

[FAIL] Exception/error response did not contain error code 'badArgument'

Request: GET

[FAIL] Exception/error response did not contain error code 'badArgument'

These are minor, I guess; but anyway the collection does not pass the
validation process.
Can anyone help? Any hint would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Dewsnip escribi?:
> Hi Mariana,
> The "datestamp" tag content comes from the "lastModified" metadata
> that is added automatically by Greenstone when you build a collection.
> This lastModified value is obtained from the operating system, and is
> usually the last time the file was edited. However, if the file has
> been copied (for example if you used the GLI to add the file into your
> collection) then the lastModified value will probably be the time the
> file was copied.
> You're right that dc.Date metadata will be used instead of
> lastModified for the datestamp tag, if it exists. I think this is to
> allow you to set the datestamp value if the automatic (lastModified)
> value is incorrect.
> Regards,
> Michael