[greenstone-users] Formating XML file while building it vi DOM PHPfor Greenstone

From Oran Fry of Greenstone Team
DateWed Apr 9 17:13:35 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Formating XML file while building it vi DOM PHPfor Greenstone
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Hi Bertrand,

Not sure if this is really a Greenstone question but nonetheless, why
don't you copy and paste from mozilla where the xml is nicely formatted,
and overwrite the file with the copied text. Then it might look better
when you open it in the editor.

Cheers, Oran.

Bertrand SODJAHIN wrote:
> Hi every body !
> I'm making a kind of development in which I have to build dynamically
> under PHP using DOM extension, metadata.xml file for greenstone DL.
> All is right now. The problem that I have is a format one. When I open
> the metada.xml file that is built, in IE or mozilla, it appears quite
> good with the right breaks between nodes.
> But When I open it under an editor (dreamwaver) so that I can modify
> its content, its appears in block and very hard to read.
> Does someone knows what I could do to have it well formated when I
> opened it with dreamwaver ? would it be a configuration under
> dreamwaver for the view or I'll need to do it in my PHP codding. For
> both, I already tried with no success.
> Thanks enough in advance for your help.
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