Re: [greenstone-users] numleafdocs

From PaingThu Chit
DateFri, 20 Apr 2007 12:44:50 +0800
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] numleafdocs
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hi, Micheal,
   Where do I have to edit? and for A-Z list do I sort and assign the minimum and maximum
compact. I only found those facilities in AZcompact List. Thanks for the advice.

On 4/20/07, Michael Dewsnip <> wrote:

There is no way to do math in Greenstone format statements that I know of. You might be able to write some Javascript to achieve what you want; otherwise you'll have to edit the C++ code.



PaingThu Chit wrote:
Hello everyone,..
 I have one question,.. at the bookshelves level, I want to show the (numleafdocs-1) no ..for some reason.Is there anyway to do that.
If u have any idea pls help me. Thanks in Advance.
With best regards,

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