[greenstone-users] Info management resource kit

From Paul Mundy
DateSat, 3 Apr 2004 12:10:06 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Info management resource kit
Some related info to Michael Dewsnip's recent post...

Unesco and FAO are also working on an Information Management Resource Kit to
cover the following topics:

1 Management of Electronic Documents
2 Investing in Agricultural Information
3 Building Electronic Communities and Networks
4 Digitization and Digital Libraries

Module 1 (Management of Electronic Documents) is already available.
Description below is from the project website,

> The module consists of 27 lessons on the collection, archiving, management
and dissemination of electronic documents and
> associated images, supplemented with a series of tools and guidelines for
document management, as well as case studies which
> demonstrate real life applications of the concepts and procedures being
taught. In addition to the learning materials, the module
> provides learners with a technical glossary, search function and links to
online resources.

Module 4 will feature Greenstone -- I guess it's what Michael and the team
have been working to prepare version 2.50 for.

I have also contributed to several of the lessons in Modules 1 and 4. Dr
T.B. Rajashekar (also a member of this list) is coordinating the production
of Module 4.

Looking forward to seeing Greenstone 2.50!

Best wishes


Paul Mundy
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