[greenstone-devel] Failed to Install (Linux)

From Gregory S. Williamson
DateSun, 7 Nov 2004 18:36:50 -0800
Subject [greenstone-devel] Failed to Install (Linux)
I have almost built my collection on Linux (yeah!), but at the last step (almost the last ?) I get (manually transcribed so there may errors):

GAPlug processing Hash.dir/doc.xml
*** creating auxiliary files
ssfb Collection Built Successfully
installing the ssfb collection
build: Failed to install collection to /usr/local/gsdl/collect/ssfb
Collection will remain at /usr/local/gsdl/tmp/tbuild1/ssfb

I checked the gsdl stuff was still owned by root and others didn't have proper permission (now fixed). Is there anything I can do to move this build by hand or should I rerun the collector ?

As a secondary question -- any other permissions that might be lurking to bite ? This was set up by someone else (a neophyte to greenstone) and I am suspicious of other permissions issues.


Greg Williamson