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From Gregory S. Williamson
DateFri, 26 Nov 2004 20:43:35 -0800
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: [greenstone-devel] Heavily Customized Greenstone Collection
no problemo ... have a good weekend!

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doh! Don't I feel stupid. When I left work Tuesday, being on vacation the
rest of the week, I shutdown my machine. I'll boot it up on Monday when I
return and mail the list again.

My appologies.

- --deryck

Gregory S. Williamson wrote:
| Deryck --
| I'd be most interested in seeing this site, but alas I never seem to be
able to connect to it given the URL below -- is there perhaps a typo in it
? Or has this posting prompted such traffic that the server swamped ? ;-)
| Greg Williamson
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| Subject:[greenstone-devel] Heavily Customized Greenstone Collection
| Hi, all.
| I've been working on a sheet music collection using greenstone -- I've
| posted here a couple of times with questions -- and I thought some of
| you might want to see the collection's progress. I have customized it
| quite heavily, as we wanted a very specific collection look. It's not
| completely done -- for example, only the 35 pieces I used to test/build
| are viewable here -- but the design is mostly finished.
| Just thought others might find it interesting. Oh, the possibilities
| with greenstone... :-). Cheers,
| The link:
| --deryck
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