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From Gregory S. Williamson
DateThu, 16 Dec 2004 12:48:32 -0800
Subject RE: [greenstone-devel] html file and metadata tags
Is there a guide that shows how to do this ? The section level metadata was about the only explicit example I found in the Greenstone Collections document ; I didn't see any at the document level.

My old formatting was causing terrible problems in the collection building phase so I am basically starting over again -- tags that worked in earlier greenstone imports do not work with newer greenstone -- this by the way is a potentially killer issue for anyone doing upgrades.

Thanks to all for your help!


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Actually its not quite that simple. -description_tags is used for
splitting the document up into sections, with appropriate metadata, and
I don't think you can use them in the head tag. see the developers guide ("tagging document files" ) for the correct format.

If you want to have sectioned documents, you should use this method,
otherwise I suggest that you reformat your metadata as proper html meta
tags, and continue using the -metadata_fields option for HTMLPlug.


jens wille wrote:
> hi greg!
> Gregory S. Williamson wrote:
>>Alas, my metadata is always being garbled. I am sure I will have
>>one of those transcendential "Doh!" moments when someone points
>>out what I am doing wrong -- so any advice would be welcome.
>>Sample HTML file header:
>><Metadata name="Title">Bloody Thursday</Metadata>
>><Metadata name="Subject">1934 General Strike</Metadata>
>><Metadata name="Description">Video clip of police and rioters on
>>Bloody Thursday. Link to more on the General Strike.</Metadata>
>><Metadata name="BannerImage">GS19341</Metadata>
>><Metadata name="Author">San Francisco Public Library,San
>>Francisco,CA - Publisher or Photographer</Metadata>
>>plugin HTMLPlug -metadata_fields Subject,Title,Author,Period,BannerImage
> well, the -metadata_fields option aims at html's meta tags, e.g.
> <meta name="Subject" content="1934 General Strike"></meta>, but you
> are using greenstone's description tags, so you will need the
> -description_tags option for HTMLPlug, that's it :-)
> hth
> jens
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