[greenstone-devel] About calling function in another collection by GS3democlient

From Suthanya Doung-In
DateFri Jun 27 20:39:32 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] About calling function in another collection by GS3democlient
Dear Anupama,

Thank you very much about your help:-). I am appreciated it. I would
like to ask you about greenstone 3 demo web service please.

When I run GS3 democlient, I choosed greenstone in combo box, then
choose collection in combo box as well. Then, i can search and browse
information. If I would like to search and browse another collection
that I created by myself by greenstone 3 librarian interface, How can I
do ? and I need to use Fedora or not?

Now I can run gs3democlient by using port 9090 and Fedora by port 8080.
I can open http://localhost:9090/greenstone3/library and
http://localhost:9090/greenstone3/services. but i got the problem about
using Greenstone3 Digital Library Software v3.03. I can?t create digital
collection by using Greenstone 3 Digital Library Software v 3.03. After
create collection,when i clicked preview button, it can't open the page.
Maybe program is crash;-( So How should I do?

Many thanks in advance.

Best Wishes,
Suthanya Doung-in