[greenstone-devel] About Preview collection

From Suthanya Doung-In
DateFri Jun 27 20:39:34 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] About Preview collection
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Dear Anupama,

Thank you very much for your help. I am sorry that ask you a
lot of questions. I try to set up and use greenstone almost every day.
For GS3 Web service democlient, i can browse the new collection;-).

For creating collection by GLI, from message log, it does not have any
error but i can't preview the collection;-(. and i can't open the web
page "http://localhost:9090/greenstone3/library". I wonder that when i
run command DOS "gs3-server.bat", it can open the web page

I just found that the collection files that i have created, it does not
located in folder "C:\greenstone3\web\sites\localsite\collect" but
located in another folder. so i will move this file into the folder by
mannual. When i build collection,If possible, i would like the
collection file store in folder
"C:\greenstone3\web\sites\localsite\collect", How can i define the path

Many thanks in advance.

Best Wishes,
Suthanya Doung-in.

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