[greenstone-devel] About writing a client to invoke service

From Suthanya Doung-In
DateTue Aug 19 22:43:18 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] About writing a client to invoke service
Dear Anupama,

I am sorry that disappear for a while because I am study about
Java web services. I am newbie for this.

I create Writing web services in general - using Java and Apache Axis
It is successful.;-).

Now try to create a client to invoke service. I do following the URL
that you have ever recommended (How to write a simple client for
Greenstone 3 web services) from :

I used Netbean editor and then I compile this code but it got errors
!!. I try to do following all the steps that instruct. I add required
jar files and add some jar files to execution classpath. I think I do
the right way. However i got errors;-(. Could you help me please ?. and
if I got GreenstoneConnection.class after i comply this file what the
next step I should going on?

I sent the file that I capture the screens about What the steps I do
and capture some errors. Please find the attached file.

Many thanks in advance.

Best Wishes,
Suthanya Doung-in
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