[greenstone-users] Re: Customizing the Greenstone Collection(Icon) Page

From mgsree@iimk.ac.in
DateTue, 4 Jul 2006 13:28:11 +0530 (IST)
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Customizing the Greenstone Collection(Icon) Page
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Dear Joel,
You can change the collection icon area by editing the _content_ macro in
home.dm. You will need to remove the _homeextra_ macro (this is the N x 3
table that the Greenstone C++ code automatically creates for you) and can
then put whatever you want into this area. You will need to put the icons
and links to the collection in yourself, however.
Courtesy, Sh. Michael Dewsnip, Greenstone Team.

> hello everybody,
> I want to create my own menu in GSDL my collection page
> can you help me how to do that,like i want a link where
> in it can refer to some static HTML pages residing
> outside the GSDL please help me out.
> with regards
> Joel Sandeep

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