[greenstone-users] Paged Image Plugin

From Vladimir R. Risojevic
DateSun Nov 7 11:45:37 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Paged Image Plugin
Hi Michael,

It seems that your PagedImage plugin works fine. You correctly assume that
.DS_Store is an invisible system file. It is created by OS X, see
However, it could be that you can't see the images because your format
statement isn't correct. Try to change the format statement for DocumentText
to [screenicon], for example. That should display the screen version of your

Hope this helps,


> Hi Arthur and everyone,
> Great to get some feedback, thanks kindly.
> I have adjusted the ImageConverter plugin as you suggested but still
> no luck! I'm not able to display the images when I preview the collection.
> It is very strange as I'm getting very few errors on the import.pl.
> I can even see the the PagedImagePlugin is porcessing the images as
> outlined in the .item file: import.pl> PagedImagePlugin processing
> import.pl> Converting image IMG_2799.JPG to: THUMB gif ...
> import.pl> ...done
> import.pl> Converting image IMG_2799.JPG to: SCREEN jpeg ...
> import.pl> ...done
> The only error errors I am receiving are ones like these:
> import.pl> WARNING: No plugin could recognise P11WEB3/.DS_Store
> Though I assume DS_Store files are just invisible files that I'm
> gathering unwillingly?
> Anyway if you or anyone else have any suggestions as to how I can
> get these images to display I would be very grateful.
> Many thanks,
> Michael.