[Fwd: Re: One more Thing. Re: [greenstone-users] how to build Application]

From feng wang
DateWed May 21 03:23:56 2008
Subject [Fwd: Re: One more Thing. Re: [greenstone-users] how to build Application]
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Hi Anupama,
I think, i didn't explain right my situation for my GUI Application. It should support or simulate the funkction like GLI for Greenstone 3.

Question is, i don't know whether The GLI supports the remote Function of managing the Greenstone Repository too. If yes, i think reading the code of GLI will be helpful for me.

For the installion from SVN of Greenstone i think ,i did set the right environment variables like you wrote to me. But i will check it out again.

Feng Wang
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> Datum: Tue, 20 May 2008 12:25:44 +1200
> Von: Anupama of Greenstone Team <greenstone_team@cs.waikato.ac.nz>
> An: feng wang <wangfeng77@gmx.de>, greenstone3@list.scms.waikato.ac.nz, greenstone-devel@list.scms.waikato.ac.nz
> Betreff: Re: [Fwd: Re: One more Thing. Re: [greenstone-users] how to build Application]

> Hi Feng Wang,
> You wrote:
> (1) And the function like "add a new Document", "build the
> collection" or "purge the collection" are the core elementen of managing
> the
> repository as a remote admin. I don't know what i could do if like you
> told to me
> that they are not yet completely implemented.
> Please if there are an other way to implement the function like the
> API-A and API-M
> of Fedora offered to the user,let me know it! thank you very much!
> I've been told that some of those messages are not implemented yet
> through the MessageRouter. But the functionality of adding documents and
> creating collections is already available in Greenstone, since GLI
> creates new documents and collections and imports collections into
> Greenstone. You might want to look at the GLI code to see how it does
> all this. GLI uses both Java and Perl code.
> GLI java code:
> http://trac.greenstone.org/browser/gli/trunk/src/org/greenstone/gatherer
> The Greenstone Perl code that GLI uses is in
> http://trac.greenstone.org/browser/gsdl/trunk/perllib and
> http://trac.greenstone.org/browser/gsdl/trunk/bin/script
> (2) I found a warning by preparing the install of GSDL3 about the
> javagdbm.jar
> /root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/build.xml:1064: Warning: Could
> not find file
> /root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/src/packages/javagdbm/javagdbm.jar
> to copy.
> /root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/build.xml:1087: Warning: Could
> not find file
> /root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/gs2build/indexers/mg/mg.jar to
> copy.
> Something may have failed during the compilation step because I think
> both these jar files are built by compiling things up with Greenstone's
> ant build file.
> Have you got your JAVA_HOME set (and the JDK bin folder also on the
> PATH) and is it finding JAVA_HOME?
> For instance, my .profile file contains:
> export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.5.0_10/
> PATH=/opt/jdk1.5.0_10/bin:/opt/jdk1.5.0_10/bin/javac:$PATH
> You need to have both environment variables pointing to the actual
> location of Java (and not pointing to a symbolic link that points
> indirectly to Java). If building fails, it may be due to an earlier
> failure during compilation so it's good to keep an eye out during the
> installation for any compile-time errors that may flash on screen.
> This helped my GS3 compilation and I've also had it confirmed just now
> by a developer here who said to check that the JAVA_HOME is properly set
> if the jar files aren't being generated as they should.
> Regards,
> Anupama
> feng wang wrote:
> > Hi Anupama,
> > I have tried to install the gsdl3 completely new from the svn server
> online. By using the following information:
> >
> > svn co http://svn.greenstone.org/greenstone3/trunk greenstone3
> > cd greenstone3
> > (edit build.properties as appropriate)
> > ant prepare install
> > I found a warning by preparing the install of GSDL3 about the
> javagdbm.jar
> >
> > /root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/build.xml:1064: Warning: Could
> not find file
> /root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/src/packages/javagdbm/javagdbm.jar to copy.
> >
> >
> > I didn't find the jar file in my folder. Do you know where i could
> find the file, or could i maybe skip the step?
> > Thanks
> > Regards
> > Feng Wang
> >
> > Hi again,
> > The reason for the last warning by preparing the install was found. Now
> i have some thing news!!
> > configure-gs2building:
> > ....
> > ....
> > [exec] configure: error: /bin/sh
> '/root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/gs2build/indexers/mg/configure' failed for mg
> > [exec] checking for C++ compiler default output file name...
> >
> > /root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/build.xml:1087: Warning: Could
> not find file
> /root/Downloads/greenstone3/greenstone3/gs2build/indexers/mg/mg.jar to copy.
> >
> > As you knew, i tried to run the ./configure in the folder /indexers. And
> updated the GDBM Library in my Linux or edit the build.properties file in
> the line for install.gdbm as false.. still got the error
> > Please tell me how can i do now
> >
> > Regards
> > Feng
> >
> >

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