[greenstone-devel] GAuthenticator and DSpace

From feng wang
DateFri Jul 25 04:51:49 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] GAuthenticator and DSpace
Hi Quan,
I have a question about using the Authentication Issue. After reading the RemoteGreenstoneServer.java i know some actions need authenticate the user at first. We know that Greenstone implemented an GAuthenticator Class which extended the java.net.Authenticator. Question is, how let the remote Application knows which Website should be authenticated? Shuold i give the URL Sting at first before the Instanz of the application was created? Like when we at first time lauch the remote GLI, we should give the URL of the Greenstone Server and the location of gli4XXX.pl file to build the URL Query for each subaction. I wanna know where saved the both information and which files call the both, thanks!!!!

An other question is about DSpace! Just hope maybe someone can help me! I must write a remote Application to manage the Greenstone,Fedora and DSpace both. Now i know yet how can i use the existing Interface and Techniques to implement my App. But unitel now for DSpace i have no Idee!!!! Do you maybe know, which Interface offers the developer to implement a stand-alone remote App to manipulate the DSpace collection????
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