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DateTue May 20 05:41:52 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] for help
Hi Parvez

GSDL collections are viewed in a web browser, so it requires a Web server
to serve the greenstone pages. If GSDL is installed on Windows, there are
two chooses to install the library -- either the local library (GSDL is in
charge of serving the greenstone pages) or the web library (The greenstone
pages are served by an additional web server which has been installed on
the machine, such as Apache or IIS). A README.txt file under the GSDL root
directory has detailed information about how to modify the configuration
of the web server for serving the greenstone.

Once GSDL has been installed successfully, and all collections can be
viewed in a web browser, other users can also visit them from Internet.

An instruction of video library is available at


> Dear All GSUs.
> I am using GSDL 2.80, I have created the digital library. How can I upload
> this to internet, for veiwing to all of.
> When we install the GSDL there are many option such as... for local
> library,
> for web library,source code library......I thing this is related to
> internet?
> How can i add video clip in GSDL. I thing, there is video plug is not
> avaliable in GSDL?
> regards
> parvez ahmad
> aligarh.u.p.
> india
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