Re:Re: mgpp once again

From Roman Chyla
DateMon, 07 Apr 2003 13:55:35 +0200 (CEST)
Subject Re:Re: mgpp once again
Hi list,

I am trying to create some *mgpp advanced* query form for IE (my
troubles were described earlier this month - but probably applies
to everyone who wants to use MGPP under IE with non-latin). Does
anyone have any idea about mgpp form for non-latin characters,
another escape() function for IE

I found, that escape() function on IE creates from (vojtasek)
this vojt%E1%u0161ek
(see )

but we need
vojt%C3%A1%C5%A1ek (this was done through gsdl archives).

I have only two ideas - create my own very simple form which
pools brackets and values with hardcoded fields (i.e. - Title=TI,
Text=TX); [mytext]:TX - and the browser will do escaping itself
(is this feasible - with more than two fields?)

I try character encoding script as described here

I suppose that copying script from simple form is not good idea.
P.S.Seeking charset setting was unsuccesful (I do not understand
registry - but It would not help me for others).

Big thankyou for any help

Here is my correspondence wiht Katherine Don and John McPherson.

the escape function is needed to make the query values safe to
put into URLs. We are using java script to concatenate all the
form values into one cgi argument to send back to the server.
normal form submission does its own escaping, but because we use
javascript to build up the request, we have to do our own. the
escaping is done because there are some characters that have
special meaning in a url eg &, space etc.

so the answer is that we need to do some form of escaping - if
you cant get it working with escape(), maybe you can write a new
javascript function that only does teh minimal escaping
or maybe you can ask the list to see if anyone else has ideas if
there is something you can use instead.

Please let me know how you get on and what you found/did for a


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Od: "John R. McPherson" <>
Komu: "Katherine Don" <>
P?edm?t: Re: mgpp once again
Datum: 4.4.2003 - 1:34:45

> Katherine Don wrote:
> > hi roman
> >
> > The form searching stuff uses the java
> > script function escape() to make
> > the query values URL safe. This works fine
> > using Mozilla (on linux and
> > windows) , but appears to go wrong using
> > IE. In IE, it is making eg
> > %E1 instead of the correct %C3%A1.
> It looks like IE is using the local iso-8859
> setting rather than the
> web page's utf-8 setting.... perhaps try
> telling IE to use utf-8 by
> default? I don't use IE so I can't really
> help look into this further.
> John.

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