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From Richard Managh
DateWed, 02 Nov 2005 14:28:50 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Installation 2003
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Hi Michael,

In a recent email to the list Stefan Boddie writes about installing
greenstone on a Windows 2003 server. It is included below.

hope this helps,

DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists


Hi Kay,

IIS6 on Win2003 is installed initially in a very locked down state, and
you need to enable any kind of dynamically generated content that you
want it to serve. You may therefore have IIS set up correctly, but not
have CGI executables enabled. IIS also likes to return a confusing 404
"PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND" error when you try to access something that the
server's not configured to show you, even though that file (in this case
library.exe) does in fact exist.

So, try the following.

In IIS Manager, click to expand the local computer, then click on "Web
Service Extensions". In the web service extensions window you should see
an option called "All Unknown CGI Extensions". Make sure that option is
enabled and try viewing your GSDL installation in IE again.

I hope this helps.

Stefan Boddie
DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists


I have installed greenstone web server on a Windows 2003 server with IIS 6
installed. I have given the home directory as "D:\gsdl". However, when I
open Internet Explorer and type
settings described in the manual address are using Personal Web Manager. I
am not familiar with that. I only know about the IIS Snap IN. The things
listed in the manual do not match the settings screens in the IIS snap.
help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


Kay P. Perkins

Systems Administrator

Joint Forces Staff College

7800 Hampton Blvd

Norfolk, VA 23511-1702

757-443-6056 <>

greenstone-users mailing list
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>I was wanting to install Greenstone onto a Windows 2003 Server. The docs
>say it can be installed on 2000/XP, so I was just wanting to confirm that
>it works under 2003. Have people installed it on 2003? Has there been any
>known issues? Does it happily work aloong with other websites already
>running on IIS6?
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