[greenstone-users] Greenstone home.dm options and _homeextra_customization

From Jewel
DateWed Apr 2 15:46:12 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone home.dm options and _homeextra_customization
I have two questions.

#1 I know that home.dm is the homepage of greenstone, but can a server
configuration or change within Greenstone allow for the homepage to be a
simple index.html page instead? I have been trying to design a front
page but because of the .dm extension, I am limited on the html I can
include. What are the implications of this and is this even possible in

#2 Here is a link to a digital collection website with a design I really
like: http://uspace.utah.edu/ I would like to have a very similar
design and search layout for 3 collections and be able to choose from a
drop down of other collections. I think they are using Dspace but
wanted to know if this design is possible in Greenstone, and if so how
complicated would it be. I am at the moment just trying to figure out
the _homeextra_ macro works.

Any tips or advise would be great! So far this listserv has been very



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