[greenstone-users] Building Pre-Built Collections -- How?

From Alexander Dushko
DateSun, 12 Sep 2004 23:56:29 +0300
Subject [greenstone-users] Building Pre-Built Collections -- How?
Hi all!

1. First question
I recently download GSDL documented collections.

"To reduce the size of this package the collections come unbuilt. After
unpacking them into your Greenstone "collect" directory, you will need to
build them from the GLI (or from the command line) before viewing them.
These collections can also be viewed at http://www.nzdl.org."

I have no idea, how it can be done by GLI nor command line. Please, don't
say RTFM :-) -- just point me in right direction.

2. Second question
If I build some collection -- can I enrich it by metadata, change
header/title/author/keywords in future, add hierarchical structure, A-Z
lists and so on?

Unfortunately, I can't do excellent (as for me) collection right now, but
need to collect and have some ability to find info right tomorrow (or at
least after tomorrow).