[greenstone-users] Metadata Display in Hierarchy

From Anant Sabane
DateMon, 27 Sep 2004 13:47:14 +0530
Subject [greenstone-users] Metadata Display in Hierarchy
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Currently I am working on development of variety of collections where I
wish to display some of the metadata elements along with the basic
description offered for each of the document. Following is the display
format I am using for CL3 and CL4 Vlists. The problem I face is
whatever static text I enter in the display including punctuation marks
get displayed in the hierarchy in front of Subjects and Keywords. E.g.
if I have Mathematics as subject then instead of displaying it as just
"Mathematics" it displays "Mathematics Courtsey: .- " using the VList
format below.

<td valign=top>[highlight]
<font color="666655">Courtesy: {Or}{[sibling(All' and '):dc.Creator]} .-
</Font><font color="blue">[dc.Publisher]

Can anyone kindly help me by removing the static text appearing along
with the subjects and keywords and letting it appear only for the
documents attached to these Subjects and keywords?

Thanks and best regards
Anant Sabane