questions about some of GSDL modules (answer urgently needed)

From Bakelli Yahia
DateTue, 18 Jun 2002 13:34:49 +0000
Subject questions about some of GSDL modules (answer urgently needed)
Hi all

Within the E-collections Research Project conducted here in the CERIST
Research Centre of Algiers we are trying to test and apply GSDL to build
local digital collections. GSDL have many advantages especially its
ability to build collections in different languages; in different formats
and different fields. We found it a very user-friendly solution. And one
other big advantage for us with GSDL is its capacity to generate metadata
files (and in xml format). very interesting.

However and as we still very beginners with GSDL we would like to check and
know some of important details about the GSDL. We will be very grateful for
you if you give us a full and exhaustive answer to them in a fast way:

1- The HTML is the Core GSDL format not only for displaying texts but also
for their archiving. Is it true?

2- when the text is displayed (after clicking in a search results list)
this text can be read not in a whole but by parts using a Table Of Content
of the book. This fragmentation of the book is very very important for us.
But what we would like to know is how and at which step the files are
fragmented and decomposed?? Is there a GSDL module related to a such task??

3- When you want to use an “Organizer” utility (for complex
GSDL collections) you must open an Access (.mdb) Database. Is Access and
.mdb the only format of GSDL Databases? And is there in GSDL a module which
assist this Access database creation or it must be done independently (with
Microsoft Access environment)??

4- can we build one (complex) collection by using both
“Collector” and “Organizer”? or we must use only one
of them for a given collection? If it’s possible to do how we can open
the collection (or the work) built with “Collector” by the
“Organizer” or inversely?

5- Is XML used only for the metadata files? In other hand is XML adopted
only for metadata files or also for other things and works?

Will you Please note that we need answer as soon as possible Thank you so

Mr Yahia Bakelli
Researcher on STI
CERIST Research Center
03 rue des freres Aissiou, Ben Aknoun, Algiers (Algiers)
fax: 21321912126

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