[greenstone-users] Greenstone Administration pages?

From Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
DateWed, 29 Mar 2006 18:29:11 -0600
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone Administration pages?
I've just put up Greenstone under
SUSE Linux, and it appears to be working properly
and responding to the Windows gli-client.

I found the "Building Greenstone
Collections Remotely" document to be very
helpful; however, it's not clear to me
how to get at the Administration page
noted below, since I find no link for it
on my Greenstone site's home page. I find
links for The Librarian Interface, About Greenstone,
Greenstone Documentation, the Demo, etc, but
nothing that says administration.

"The existing Greenstone user account system is used for
authentication. User information is stored in the
etc/users.db file, and the Administration pages (linked from
your Greenstone library homepage) are used for adding,
editing and removing users."

This green Greenstone administrator must be missing
something obvious. Ideas?

Best Regards,

Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Assistant Dean for Digital Library
Planning and Development, University of Houston Libraries

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