[greenstone-users] Running GLI from a remote desktop

From Cristina Ribeiro
DateThu, 2 Dec 2004 18:38:17 +0000
Subject [greenstone-users] Running GLI from a remote desktop

I am using Greenstone to support a course on digital libraries. My
students run the GLI on a remote Windows machine (using "Remote
Desktop" on their classroom computers), accessing other computers on
the network, gathering files and building the collections. The results
are stored on the remote machine and can be served from there.

This configuration has one problem: the remote machine is an
application server and is not appropriate as a file server: we do not
get enough disk space and the collections go to a shared partition
where somebody may inadvertently delete them...

Our network has dedicated machines for Web serving, where the complete
collections can be stored and served.

Is it possible to configure the GLI to output its results to a
different machine on the same local network?
I could not tell from what I searched on the installation procedures,
may be this situation is not common.

Thanks for your help,
Cristina Ribeiro

FEUP- Faculdade de Engenharia- Universidade do Porto