[greenstone-users] preferences accents in z3950

From Diego Manquillo
DateWed Jan 23 12:26:34 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] preferences accents in z3950
Hi everybody and qq6

Thnak you so much for your help, but I have another similar question,
I put the line

cgiarg shortname=af argdefault=1

In the file GSDLHOME/etc/main.cfg

And the searching "ignoring the accents" worked perfec in the Web interface


When I try to do the same searching with the z39.50 interface or Z client;
the accents are not ignored, and the searching fail.

You or anybody has any idea How can I do in order to the accents will be
ignored using the z39.50 interface or Z Client?

Thank you so much

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