[greenstone-users] Greenstone3 and problems with the links

From Diego Manquillo
DateFri Jun 6 08:05:34 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone3 and problems with the links
Hi greenstone users

working with greenstone 3, and have some problems:

1. When I
build a collection, the link icon to the original file of
a document

(.doc, .pdf, etc) only is enabled for
the classifier "filenames"; I need that

link icon is
always available for any classifier. I could get it, editing

configuration file ?collectionConfig.xml?; of a particular

I don't wanna edit that file for each collection that I build, I
wanna know,
if is it possible: Which file do I have to edit in order
to set the link icon to the
original file as always enabled by
default ?

Another problem that I have is: The link icon to the original file is
linked to URL as:


I wanna know where do I switch the host of URL, so it's linked to the
localhost and

not to the IP address of the computer, so that, I can't
download any file because the

browser can't establish a connection to
the server at localhost.

I wanna know if it's possible how can I save the files with the real
name of the files,

because greenstone3 always save me the files in a
collection with the same name doc.pfd,

doc.doc and so on. So when the
people download more then one document, they only will
get files with
the name doc.pdf, doc(2).pdf, doc(3).pdf, so it's no good for the
people see

differents files with almost the same name.

you so much.

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