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From Diego Spano
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Subject [greenstone-users] RE: [greenstone-devel] Overview help with gs binary 2.83 + Ubuntiserver without GUI
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The answers below?

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I need help so I've created these questions in a way that they can be easily
answered with a true, false or a few word answer. My main problem is that I
don't really understand how the software, shell scripts, perl scripts and
java scripts work together, what order they should be invoked and ultimately
what function(s) each provide. I'd rather take a little extra time to
understand some of these things so I don't try to fix a leaf when I'm in the
wrong tree ? or forest. My server platform is a 64bit cpu running Ubuntu
10.04 using binary version of Greenstone v2.83.

1. Is an X11 display required for the server (y|n|maybe)?

No. You don?t need a graphical environment. You can do everything from
command line.

2. If #1 = no, can I use a browser from another box and ssh into the
server command line to do anything I want?

Yes. SSH is enough. You can also create a collection in your PC and
copy it (ftp, scp or what you want) to the server.

3. Is there a sample collection embedded in the binary release so if I
get anything going, I can see something or do I have to create a collection

Yes. The installer install GS and a collection named ?demo? which you can
browse, search, use as a model for a new collection, etc.

4. Can I skip executing the gs2-server.sh script if I have a previously
installed and operational apache web server? Does the script also do
something else?

You can skip that script. If you have Apache on your server, you create the
scriptalias and alias and you get the digital library running. Gs2-server.sh
gives you the option to run the embed Apache, but if you have your own
Apache, that is not required.

5. Is the 'doc root' of the apache web server ever used to create |
help create GS pages or are they all generated via cgi scripts invoked from
a browser?

The doc root is not used to create GS pages. Even more, the Apache doc root
will have nothing about GS because the GS install folder have all the
necessary files. The pages are all created from macros, located in
greenstone/macros folder. The cgi interprets them.

6. What is the 'best' java to use (i.e. what was it tested with?) Sun
java or OpenJDK?

You must use Sun Java!

Any and all responses gratefully received.



Diego Spano

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