[greenstone-devel] Word -> HTML conversion failures

From Doug Carter
DateThu, 22 Apr 2004 11:29:39 -0700
Subject [greenstone-devel] Word -> HTML conversion failures
Hi all,

I'm having an increase of Word -> HTML conversion failures. This is mostly
due to the increased complexity of the Word documents, especially those
that have mixed page layout schemes, lots of macros or complex tables.

Most often the errors are like this:

Error executing wv converter:
** WARNING **: Invalid seek
Diagnostic: (./escher.c:631) Eating type 0xf122
Diagnostic: (./escher.c:53) Not a container, panic (200)
Diagnostic: (./escher.c:443) Damn found nothing
Diagnostic: (./wvWare.c:591) Strange No Graphic Data in the 0x01/0x08 graphic

Other times, the wv converter dies with a segmentation fault, or I don't
get any output at all.

I understand that the conversion program that comes with Greenstone
(wvWare) is rather old, and is at version 0.71. I have built and tried
using version 1.0, with some measured success, but it also fails on
several documents. Looking at the wvWare website, I'm not sure that
anyone is actively maintaining this conversion utility.

Does anyone have any experience with a more robust Word -> HTML converter?
I can only see this problem getting worse, as documents continue to get
more complex and/or newer versions of MS Word are released.


Doug Carter
Mercy Corps