[greenstone-devel] pdf conversion bug fix / enhancement

From Doug Carter
DateFri, 24 Jun 2005 07:40:22 -0700
Subject [greenstone-devel] pdf conversion bug fix / enhancement

I've found a problem with pdf file conversion, that probably only effects
my environment, but others may have the need as well. I have a fixed
the problem, with modifications to gsConvert.pl and PDFPlug.pm.

The problem is, with the current (2.60) release, a pdf file with only
images (no text) will fail to build unless the -complex flag is set in
the collect.cfg. The -complex feature works just fine, but creates a
much larger collection. Since I create and distribute versions of our
library on CD, I can't use the -complex flag.

The pdftohtml.pl script can handle this type of pdf file, with the
-a flag (allow images only - continue even if no text is present).
However, gsConvert.pl and PDFPlug.pm have no way to pass this option
to pdftohtml.pl.

I've checked out the latest gsdl distribution from your cvs. What is
the best way to give you these changes? diff -c?