[greenstone-users] Fw: Problems with remote access to my collection using Greenstone

DateWed, 19 Sep 2007 12:26:03 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Fw: Problems with remote access to my collection using Greenstone
Dear Colleagues,

The message below was included in greenstone-users Digest, Vol 54, Issue
9, but the two images with text were not included. Thus, my request
will not make much sense. In the text below, I have included the missing
text in bold. I would be grateful if the text below could be
resubmitted. Thank you, Emil Wandzilak
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September 2007 cc
Problems with remote access to my
collection using Greenstone

Dear Colleagues,

I am currently working with Greenstone 2.72, with the recommended
Local Library installation, which "has a webserver built in and is
suitable for building and viewing Greenstone collection on a
stand-alone system" with "limited web servicing ability".

I have tried to establish remote access to my collection for a
few colleagues that I work with who are all connected to the local area
network (LAN) by doing the following:

while in the Greenstone server (C:Program
FilesGreenstoneserver), I opened the administration page. Then, under
"user management", I chose the "add new user" option where I created a
user name and password, which then appears on the "list of current

Finally, when I did a test to see if the remote server would
function by opening the "client-gli" function (C:Program
FilesGreenstonegliclient-gli), the following message appeared:

REMOTE GREENSTONE SERVER ERROR: an error has occurred on the
remote Greenstone sevier while performing this operation: protocol =
http host = null

After clicking the OK button, the following would appear: ERROR unable to
get the list of classifiers using classinfo.pl-listall. and it was not
possible to establish remote access.

Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem?? Or is my understanding
simply wrong that the local library installation will allow access to
colleagues who are connected to the same LAN as I??

Any advice or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Emil

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