[greenstone-users] OpenDocumentPlugin does not recognize my OpenOffice document

From Wolfram Kaiser
DateMon Oct 12 01:42:57 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] OpenDocumentPlugin does not recognize my OpenOffice document

I run Greenstone V2.82 on Windows XP with the sample library and manually added OpenDocumentPlugin. However, processing my sample OpenOffice-Writer document (odt document generated by OOo2 and OOo3) with the OpenDocumentPlugin fails with the following error message:

import.pl> DirectoryPlugin: preparing metadata for test_20091010.odt
import.pl> File "test_20091010.odt" matches filespec ".*"
import.pl> DirectoryPlugin recurring: test_20091010.odt
import.pl> WARNING: No plugin could recognise wb34te est_20091010.odt

The process_exp looks ok to me and I even tried to put in the whole file name of the document I want to process. Still, it seems as if the document is not recognized by the plugin but I cannot explain why this is happening. Is there another filter/condition which prevents the file from being recognized/processed? Has anyone a working sample for processing an OpenOffice document or perhaps can give me hints as to what went wrong?

Thank you,