[greenstone-users] remote gli administration v. 2.81

From Felhofer, Sean
DateFri Apr 10 06:21:51 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] remote gli administration v. 2.81
I've installed version greenstone 2.81 and the GLI-client 2.81 on a
linux server. The administration page show up fine, but I am unable to
log into the .cfg files, the logs, and the user management tools using
the default user/password: admin. Does v. 2.81 have a different default
user/password login?

Looking through previous list discussions on this topic, I've come
across a recommendation to use "txt2db users.db to write the new
users.db file" but there is no "users.db" file in the /etc directory in
v. 2.81. The file is there on a v. 2.80 installation I have on another
server. Are there new installation procedures for 2.81 gli-client that
aren't yet in the documentation? Should I try a complete reinstall?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sean Felhofer


Warren E. Burger Library

William Mitchell College of Law

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