[greenstone-users] xml parser error/re-install

From Felhofer, Sean
DateSun Feb 24 05:23:31 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] xml parser error/re-install
After attempting a command line build on a remoter server, I'm getting the xml::parser error in the import process that I've read about on this list and in the FAQ. I understand how to delete the perllib/cpan/perl-5.8/XML and perllib/cpan/perl-5.8/auto directories, but am unclear on installing xml::parser. Do I install it directly into the gsdl/perllib/cpan/5.8 directory or into the usr/bin/ or somewhere else?

Background info: Greenstone 2.80 installed on a virtual private server (our IT dept. is afraid of all things open source) running Centos 5. I ftp'ed a small, pre-built-on-my-local-machine test collection and it works fine, so I know that everything else is functioning properly.

Thanks for any assistance.

Sean Felhofer

Warren E. Burger Library
William Mitchell College of Law
St. Paul MN

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