[greenstone-users] problems installing 2.81 on linux server

From Felhofer, Sean
DateSat Dec 27 14:16:24 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] problems installing 2.81 on linux server
I'm looking for assistance on installing Greenstone 2.81 on a remote server running Centos 5. I've used 2.80 for
another site using the same remote server, so I know that end is fine.

I've ftp'd the Greenstone-2.81-linux.bin file to a public_html directory. Then I run the following command line
via Putty:

[root@host public_html]# ./Greenstone-2.81-linux.bin

Unfortunately, this always returns the following error message:

Creating temp directory...
Extracting installer jar...
Preparing Greenstone installer...
Launching Installer ...
No graphics environment available, reverting to text

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.forName(Unknown Source)
at org.tp23.antinstaller.renderer.RendererFactory.getTextPageRenderer(Re ndererFactory.java:81)
org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.TextRunner.renderPages(TextRunner.java: 105)
at org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.TextRunner.runInstaller(TextRunner.java :80)
at org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.exe.ExecuteRunnerFilter.exec(ExecuteRun nerFilter.java:37)
at org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.ExecInstall.exec(ExecInstall.java:84)
at org.tp23.antinstaller.selfextract.NonExtractor.main(NonExtractor.java :59)
Caused by: java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find resource for bundle
java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key affirmativeChars
at java.util.ResourceBundle.getObject(Unknown Source)
at java.util.ResourceBundle.getString(Unknown Source)
at org.tp23.antinstaller.renderer.text.AbstractTextPageRenderer.<clinit>
... 8 more
The installer exited with an error
Greenstone may not be correctly installed
Deleting the temp directory
[root@host public_html]#

I've also tried installing the -2.81-linux-binary.tar.gz version. That unzips fine, but I can't find the install.sh file that

Any help on getting 2.81 installed would be greatly appreciated.

Sean Felhofer
William Mitchell College of Law
St. Paul Minnesota

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