[greenstone-users] 2 questions - displaying empty fields, and error

From Felipe Vera
DateSun Jul 26 04:37:24 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] 2 questions - displaying empty fields, and error
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Dear Ju Sun;

About the question number 1) format languaje, I think you should to use the


Depends the each sintaxys of metadata, please you try this:

{If}{[dc.Subject, <br><br>

<b>Subject:</b> [sibling(1):dc.creator]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;}

where the condition {If}to make the show metadata but if metadata is not
there that show does not.

If you want to show the others Subject a good method could be:

{If}{[dc.Subject, <br><br>

<b>Subject:</b> [sibling(1):dc.Subjectb]&nsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;}



Where the element sibling do to show "siblings" elements of metadata.

Please this to try your own elements and sintaxys of metadata.


Felipe Vera


2009/7/8 <ju.sun.yi@hawaii.gov>

> Hi Everyone,
> Don't know if this was already addressed in the list, but could not find
> any information about it. But I have several questions and wanted to ask
> the list for any advice and/or help.
> 1. How can you "format" Greenstone so that it does not display (ignore) a
> command if there is no metadata in that particular field?
> i.e. some of the images in our collection have a "creator" and a
> "date" attached to an image, but most do not have either or and due to how
> it is being displayed, I have added a "break" <br> so that the
> information does not run across the screen. BUT the problem is that when
> those images that
> *do not* have this information is displayed, there are empty
> "spaces". (see screenshot)
> 2. I noticed when building the collection, there is an error message that
> appears, and though I am allowed to preview and conduct searches as well as
> browse through the collection I wonder if we should be concerned about it
> because it has not appeared in our other collections when we build it. And
> according to your website, "*KEA* is an algorithm for extracting
> keyphrases from text documents", which for this particular collection there
> are no "text documents", therefore do we need this plugin?
> Again any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated.
> Ju Sun Yi, MLISc
> Library Technician
> Hawaii State Archives
> 364 South King Street
> Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
> 808.586.0329
> http://www.hawaii.gov/dags/archives
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Felipe Vera
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