Re: [greenstone-users] Detach and no highlighting bar

From Gavin Spomer
DateFri, 13 Apr 2007 08:39:42 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Detach and no highlighting bar

You can either edit the particular collection's collect.cfg file or use the GLI client:

Edit The collect.cfg:

Change the value for the DocumentButtons format string. For example, if you have:

format DocumentButtons "Print|Detach|Highlight"

change it to:

format DocumentButtons "Print"

Use GLI Client:

1. Open the desired collection in the GLI Client
2. Click on the Format tab
3. Select Format Features on the left hand pane
4. Select DocumentButtons from the Format Features list on the right
5. Remove the buttons you don't want (Ex: Detach & Highlight) and don't forget to remove unneeded | separators

Hope this is helpful.

- Gavin

>>> Chandana Patra <> 04/12/07 11:51 PM >>>
Dear List Members,
Kindly let me know how to remove Detach and no highlighting bar
for a particular collection.

--Mrs. Chandana