Re: [greenstone-users] txt2db db2txt

From Gavin Spomer
DateSun, 15 Apr 2007 07:58:44 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] txt2db db2txt
Hello Julian,

The db2txt and txt2db utilities are located in the gsdl/bin/linux/ directory. The whereis command only searches a certain set of directories of which the gsdl tree is not a part of. You can use the find command the next time you want to find a file: (read the find manpage for more info)

Ex: find /usr/local/gsdl -name db2txt

Also, after logging into your Greenstone server, cd to your Greenstone directory and run setup.bash or

cd /usr/local/gsdl
source setup.bash

That way you can run db2txt or txt2db without having to type it's whole directory path.

- Gavin

>>> Julian Fox <> 04/15/07 3:35 AM >>>
Is it possible that the db2txt and txt2db utilities were not downloaded
automatically at the time I set up Greenstone 2.72 (Linux)? I can't get
those commands to work and my terminal, when I run whereis txt2db for
example, comes up blank!
If that is the case how can I get those two utilities?

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