Re: [greenstone-users] Tool for editing METADATA.XML

From Gavin Spomer
DateThu, 18 Oct 2007 08:13:43 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Tool for editing METADATA.XML

I believe Arthur is correct, you should be fine editing with Wordpad
instead of Notepad.

To test this theory, I downloaded a sample of one of my metadata.xml
files to a PC. (my server is SuSE Linux) I opened the metadata.xml fi=
in Notepad, added some carriage returns and then saved a copy of it. =
then opened the original metadata.xml file in Wordpad, added some
carriage returns and saved a copy. I then opened both the Notepad and
Wordpad saved copies on my Linux server with the vi editor. The Notep=
file showed the special ^M characters where I had added carriage
returns. (as I expected) The Wordpad looked just fine.

I imagine this is what is not allowing Greenstone to parse the file,
although since you are hand editing this file, be wary of typos too.
After all you're human, right? :)

- Gavin

>>> "Arthur R. Belanger" <> 10/18/07 6:04 AM =
Sometimes wordpad works better. I have not tried it as I don't run g=
on a pc.

Tom=C3=A1=C5=A1 Fiala wrote:
> Hello all,
> does anyone know a software which can edit metadata.xml ? I tried t=
> edit it in notepad, but after it greenstone writes "could not parse=
> metadata.xml."
> Thanks for any suggestions !
> Sincerely,
> Tomas Fiala
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