[greenstone-users] Problem building collection

From Huw Wyn Jones
DateThu Nov 29 22:56:58 2007
Subject [greenstone-users] Problem building collection
Hi all,

I'm having problems building a 'test' collection. When ever I try to
build a collection I get this error:

The collection could not be built as it contains no data. Make sure that
at least one of the directories or files you specified on the /source
data/ page exists and is of a type or (in the case of a directory)
contains files of a type, that Greenstone can process.

The source data does exist - I even get this error when referencing
simple web pages. Can anyone suggest what might be creating the problem?



Huw Wyn Jones
Reolwr ICT / ICT Manager
Fforwm Gwledig Cymru
Wales Rural Forum

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