[greenstone-users] Generated URL problem

From Huw Wyn Jones
DateTue Jan 22 00:00:14 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Generated URL problem
In-Reply-To (20080120031213-GA6276-localhost-localdomain)
Hi John,

John McPherson wrote:
> check that your gsdlsite.cfg file has the correct settings in it.
Check! Did that before writing to the list but with no success. I've
rechecked again this morning. This really does look like a bug to me
> In this file, you can tell greenstone what prefix to give to URLs, and this must match what you have in your apache config file. It sounds like your prefix has to be set to "/gsdl"
It is. I also changed it to things like 'spotted_dick' and there is
still no change to the generated URL.

Thanks for your interest,


Huw Wyn Jones
Reolwr ICT / ICT Manager
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