[greenstone-users] Greenstone email support

From Ian H Witten
DateFri, 8 Apr 2005 14:45:53 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone email support
We are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain our current level
of free support for Greenstone on the Users and Developers mailing
lists. Unfortunately we receive no resources at all for this activity
-- the principal funding that we receive is for research into radical
new architectures (Greenstone3) and includes no component for user
support. (If you can help us locate sources of funding to keep going,
please let me know.)

Although we certainly want to help Greenstone users as much as we can,
there is a limit to the amount of help that we can provide. From now on
we will not be able to answer all questions on the Greenstone mailing
lists, though we will do our best to keep up a good service.

Those of you who are using Greenstone for institutional purposes could
help enormously by becoming a "Friend of Greenstone." Please see the
end of the Greenstone support page at www.greenstone.org for details of
this programme. If your institution joins we will prioritize response
to your queries on the email lists, and provide a limited amount of a
project member's time to look at your particular problems. The cost is
US$2000 per annum (by donation or invoice); to join, please email
greenstone@cs.waikato.ac.nz. (To those who have already done so,

If you cannot afford to join this programme, to increase the chance of
us responding to your own queries please contribute to our efforts by
answering other people's queries. Many queries are posted to the list
that can be answered by people without detailed technical knowledge of
Greenstone. Please help us by answering any queries that you possibly
can. We will notice. (To those who already do so, thanks. We have

You can also increase the chance of a response by expressing your query
clearly, and giving us the information that we need to determine what
the problem is. Often it is a great help for us to see the collection
configuration file, or a few sample documents that you are having
problems with. From now on we will not attempt to answer vague queries
like "Greenstone doesn't work for me" or "My computer catches fire when
I try to install it."