[greenstone-devel] Greenstone User Survey

From Ian H Witten
DateFri, 3 Dec 2004 12:18:18 +1300
Subject [greenstone-devel] Greenstone User Survey
The Greenstone development team seeks a better understanding of your
needs for user support for digital library software. We would like all
users and developers to complete a User Survey, which asks about the
adequacy of the present support services and solicits views on ways to
improve them. It is available at:



The number of Greenstone users is growing. We are keen to to maintain
progress in improving and disseminating Greenstone. In consultation
with our international sponsors, we feel that new organizational and
methodological approaches should be considered -- particularly in
developing countries -- to satisfy the worldwide demand for Greenstone
user support.


All users and developers are invited to complete the questionnaire. If
you install Greenstone, build collections, promote it, teach people how
to use it, or work to develop it in other ways -- we want to hear from


Please complete the survey by Wednesday, 29 December 2004. If you have
difficulty completing the online version, a downloadable Microsoft Word
version is available from the survey web page.


The survey web page contains full instructions. Please contact Laura at
lauras@wayne.edu if you need any help with the survey.


We are deeply grateful to Laura Sheble of Wayne State University for
preparing this survey instrument, and thank the College of Urban, Labor
and Metropolitan Affairs, Wayne State University
(http://www.culma.wayne.edu/) for hosting it.

More thanks!!!

Thank you for completing this survey.