Re: Wishlist?

From Ian H Witten
DateMon, 17 Mar 2003 08:26:17 +1200
Subject Re: Wishlist?
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> With the upcoming release coming out shortly... I thought it may be a
> good idea if we came up with a bit of wishlist of features that we
> would
> like to see in upcoming/future releases....
> My primary wish is for an easy way to change the interface/screen, ie
> to
> be able to customise the look and feel of it for the user. Basically,
> I
> would like to be easily able to use the same templates that I have for
> my website for my digital library.

We have a new tool in the works that does exactly this. It was created
by Dynal Patel at the University of Cape Town. It's not yet integrated
with the current version of Greenstone, but we're working on it right

Dynal, could you please email Graham and send him some information on
your user interface configurer (e.g. the user manual URL, your project
report; maybe even get his using the prototype?) -- it would be good to
get his comments and suggestions at this stage.