Re: [greenstone-users] Images not displaying in html

From Jenn Cole
DateWed, 10 Aug 2005 14:20:14 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Images not displaying in html
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Me again...I have had a chance to look a little bit more into the problem.  When I view the source file for the page created from Greenstone the location listed as the source for my image files does not exist where it should.  For example for one image the src code is:

src="/collect/finalre3/index/assoc/HASHcc7b.dir/Reductions_and_Cutoffs of Reserves_Babine_Agency_Table_p_204.jpg"

When I look at the files there is no folder HASHcc7b.dir in the accoc folder for this collection.  There is a HASHcc7b.dir in the archives folder for this collection with a doc.xml file.  Just for curiosity sake I moved the HASH file from the archives folder to the assoc folder and put manually put in the image files.  That worked.  So from what I can tell Greenstone is not creating the directory for the src location of my images.  Other odd thing I have noticed is that after my html page is processed in Greenstone some of the image file names change.  >From the example above the actual name of the image file is: Reductions_and_Cutoffs of Reserves_Babine_Agency_Table_p_204.jpg, but it has changed it to: Reductions_and_Cutoffs of Reserves_Babine_Agency_Table_p_204.jpg in the src code.

I am having trouble figuring out if this is a problem with Greenstone, my files or both.


Jenn Cole wrote:

> Hello,
> I have successfully built several collections with text-only html
> documents. Now I am trying to add some html with text and images.
> Greenstone seems to have imported the html document along with the
> associated image files. When I view the document in greenstone, the
> images do not appear.
> The individual images themselves are there in the collection as
> files, they just are not appearing within the html document, which is
> what I want.
> Thanks, Jenn Cole
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