[greenstone-users] Image conversion problem

From Jennifer George
DateSat Jan 29 10:17:55 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Image conversion problem

We've been building a collection of pdf and jpg images, but we encountered 2 problems.

1. Whenever we run the Build function we get the following message for some of the images:
"Image conversion not available: Image Magick not installed."
We checked and image magic was installed, but just to be sure, we re-installed it, as well as Ghostscript. Still we keep getting the same error message.

2. Our collection is arranged in folders and we were trying to use hierarchically structured metadata with the hierarchy classifier. The content of files was not arranged the way we wanted it, so we re-arranged the files in the different folders. We were able to view everything in the Gather panel but when we switched to the Enrich panel, all the folders disappeared. However, we could still see the metadata elements we assigned to each image.

What did we do wrong and how can we fix this?


Jennifer George
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