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From John Rowe
DateTue, 27 Mar 2007 12:29:34 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Exploring the possibilities of GSDL
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Hi Surinder,

Greenstone scales very well, here's more detail:
1. The Computer Science Bibliography Collection contains more than 1
million documents:
DL Consulting has also worked on a new version of the National
Library of New Zealand's Papers Past collection, however it is not
publicly available yet. The collection it is comprised of one million
images, of which 100,000 have text and word co-ordinates.
2. Not a prefect example, but we developed Ulukau: The Hawaiian
Electronic Library and Greenstone's strong Unicode support shined. A
lot of Hawaiian text contains characters like the Macron and Glottal
stop. Greenstone supports Unicode inside and out which means out of
the box support for both English and non-English character sets.
3. DL Consulting (the company I work for) commercially supports
Greenstone. We've done work in Australia, North America, Europe and
New Zealand. We don't have any support staff in India however. We
specialise in Greenstone customisation and hosting, if you want a
better overview of what we do check us out online at http:// .
4. It depends on your data and it's structure. Are you able to give
me more details about what you intent to store and how you would like
to visualise the data? In general I can't foresee any issues with 2
million documents of 15k each but sometimes things crop up.

Hope this helps!

John Rowe

DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists

On 26/03/2007, at 4:30 PM, Surinder Kumar wrote:

> NIC is keen to take a project on Greenstone Digital Library. Data
> is around 2 million docuemnts uments. It is in three language
> (mixed mode documents). Each document is around 10-15k. We are
> looking the possibilities of using GSDL. Please let us know the
> followings:
> 1. Web sites which contain million of documents anywhere in the
> globe.
> 2. Websites which are using multilingual documents (Indic langauges)
> 3. Commercial support services in India as well as abroad.
> 4. What is your advise in handling voluminious data with the
> current version of 2.72
> regards
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