Re: [greenstone-users] Problem in Collection rebuilding

From John Rowe
DateFri, 8 Jun 2007 08:52:15 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Problem in Collection rebuilding
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Hi Lavji,

Is this on Linux or some variety of Unix? Are you using the web-
based GLI to rebuild now and have used the command line to rebuild in
the past? If you have, the gsdl/collect/your_collection/index/*
directory is probably owned by your user on the machine rather than
the web server user (usually www-data on Linux).
If this is the case then the easiest scenario is to move the index
directory out of the way by typing this at the bash prompt while in
your *collection* directory:

mv index index.old

That'll move the index directory out of the way and let the GLI
replace it. To make sure this works in the future you probably want
to make sure the web server has write access to the gsdl/collect/
your_collection/* directory by running the following command in your
*collection* directory:

chmod a+rw .

If you're doing this on some variety of Windows, start by rebooting
the machine. If that doesn't work, try navigating to the gsdl/collect/
your_collection/* directory and renaming the gsdl/collect/
your_collection/index/* directory to something else.
I hope this helps!

*your_collection always designates the short name of your Greenstone

John Rowe
Business Development Manager

DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists

On 7/06/2007, at 11:26 PM, Lavji N. Zala wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I have faced problem during collection rebuilding process. When i
> press
> the "Complete Rebuilding" button, the following message is appeared.
> "This collection cannot be rebuilt because the old index files
> cannot be
> deleted. Please make sure that Greenstone or some other program is not
> using these files, and try again"
> I think, after installing the "ImageMagic" i have been suffered by
> this
> problem...
> Pl. help me out.
> Regards,
> Lavji N. Zala
> Assistant Librarian,
> Knowledge Exchange & Information Centre (KEIC),
> Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA),
> Shela,
> Ahmedabad
> Pin- 380058
> Phone: +91 2717 237946-51
> Log on: for Admissions details of the 14th
> batch of
> the 2 year PGPCM beginning June 2007.
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