Re: [greenstone-devel] ASCII extended chars in XML

From John M Thompson
DateTue, 16 Dec 2003 10:35:25 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] ASCII extended chars in XML
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Mauricio Garcia wrote:
Hello Mauricio,

I think you've already tracked down the source of this problem. The
proper way to specify an 'entity' is:


And it would appear that the unicode characters in the values in the
Title metadata and the text have somehow been corrupted. While some
older internet browsers are somewhat forgiving of these problems, new
browsers, which adhere to stricker Unicode standards, will not decode
the characters unless they follow the pattern as specified above. The
only way to ensure that the characters will be decoded properly is to
correct the entities in the original documents and metadata. You might
also want to consider using proper HTML 4.0 compliant codes as outlined

They are a little less readable but once again are more likely to be
decoded properly.

Hope that helps,

Merry Christmas

John Thompson,
Greenstone Digital Libraries, University of Waikato,
New Zealand

>Hi: my problem is about chars in spanish. For example in the titles
>list the same Title looks this way
>(look at the 6th and 12th words in the example)
>in Netscape Navigator 7.0:
>Alternativas Ambientales En Finca De Peque&ntildeos Productores En Los
>Municipios de Estel? Y Condega
>in Internet Explorer 6.0:
>Alternativas Ambientales En Finca De Peque?os Productores En Los
>Municipios de Estel? Y Condega
>In documents full text in all the collection the problem remains, and
>our collection is made of documents in spanish languaje.
>In some documents I read, this chars appears this way:
>for ? -- &aacute (not á) and some times: &aacute (with
>no ; at end)
>for ? -- &eacute (not é) and some times: &eacute (with
>no ; at end)
>Despite this, using Internet Explorer we can see well the char.
>Could anybody helpe me please?
>Mauricio Garcia
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