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From John Thompson
DateTue, 04 Apr 2006 09:35:03 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] RE: searching by collections
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Hi Mary,

The feature in Greenstone that you are looking for is called
'subcollections'. You can define one or more subcollections based upon
the value of a piece of metadata, then later you can choose to search
just within a subcollection or within all subcollections.

For example you might configure two subcollections based upon a piece of
metadata 'Catagory':

subcollection equipment "Catagory/^equipment/i"
subcollection manuals "Catagory/^(book|manual)/i"
subcollection general "!Catagory/^(equipment|book|manual)/i"
indexsubcollections equipment manuals general equipment,manuals,general
collectionmeta .equipment "Equipment"
collectionmeta .manuals "Manuals"
collectionmeta .general "Other"
collectionmeta .equipment,manuals,general "All Catagories"

This would create three searchable subcollections; equipment which
contains only those documents assigned the Catagory metadata
'equipment', manuals whose Catagory metadata is either 'book' or
'manual', and general which contains the remainder of the documents
(those whose Catagory metadata is NOT equipment, book nor manual). The
final configuration line, indexsubcollections, tells Greenstone what
search indexes to build, and these will appear as an extra selection box
in the search page where the controls will become something like:

Search for [chapters|paragraphs] in [Equipment|Manuals|Other|All
Catagories] that contain [Some|All] of the words:

Please see section 1.5:Subcollections of the Greenstone Developers Guide
for details on how to define subcollections.

John T

DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists

mary manning wrote:

> I am not sure if I was as clear as I could be, so I have slightly
> revised my original post.
> We have set up our digital library to browse by collection but are
> also hoping that we will be able to limit a search to a particular
> collection. In other words, search for ?equipment? but just in one of
> the collections. We would also like to be able to search across all
> the collections. In other words, search for ?equipment? across all
> collections. Is this possible? Mary
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