[greenstone-users] search and index Chinese characters

From K M Ku
DateSun Feb 3 17:37:01 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] search and index Chinese characters
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Yes, I have already added

buildtype mgpp
separate_cjk true

but I still cannot able to search any Chinese characters.

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Yes, you should add "separate_cjk true" to the collect.cfg file. Besides,
which indexer are you using? If it's not mgpp, please try re-build the
collection with mgpp. You can change the indexer by going to the Search
Indexes section on the Design panel, or manually change the buildtype to
mgpp in the collect.cfg file.

Hope this helps,

> I followed others' comment , and entered separate_cjk true in collect.cfg
> file.
> However, search for Chinese character is still not possible.
> I read wiki, and found the separate_cjk is an option of import.pl. how
> can
> I implement Chinese searching?
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